Holiday Book Swap

It's been tradition for a few years now that my best friends and I do a book swap as each other's gifts for Christmas. This year, I made out with some amazing books for myself and also some for the baby! Below is a closer look at each book. I'm excited for each and every … Continue reading Holiday Book Swap


Serial Killer Style

"It looked like your style." - My sister That's what's she said, as I unwrapped my Christmas present Pretty Girls Dancing, by Kylie Brant. Years ago, in the town of Saxon Falls, young Kelsey Willard disappeared and was presumed dead. The tragedy left her family with a fractured life—a mother out to numb the pain, … Continue reading Serial Killer Style

Surprise Presents!

I came home last night, Christmas Eve, to a small package on my front door step. My husband sighed and said, "what else did you buy?" Surprise! I didn't buy a thing. In fact, I had no idea what the box contained. Of course, I came in and ripped the box open to find the … Continue reading Surprise Presents!

Dirty Little Christmas Story

When one of your favorite authors offers a newsletter with updates, free sweepstakes and short seasonal stories, you say yes and type your email in the submission box. But when one of your favorite authors put a dirty little Christmas story in your inbox, you squeal with joy! Yesterday, the great Tiffany Reisz gave all … Continue reading Dirty Little Christmas Story