The Desire Bookclub

A few months back, probably 2, I finished reading a Harlequin book and found a gem hotter than the hero inside; a cardboard page. Now, I'm 30 almost 31 and anytime I've ever found a cardboard page inside a book, it's been to order something! And order something I did. In fact, it was 2 … Continue reading The Desire Bookclub


Denton Little made me give a shit……..

I STRUGGLED through the first few chapters of this book. I debated giving up on it and I rolled my eyes anytime anyone asked me how it was but be it a new year, I’ve made a goal to NOT give up on books and good thing I didn’t! Finally, around chapter 6 or 7 … Continue reading Denton Little made me give a shit……..

From Wattpad to Goodreads

I under estimate the amount of good books that can be found on Wattpad. I know this is true because I just finished a wonderful book on Wattpad then quickly went over to Amazon to purchase it (after finding out it was printed and published). So I've decided to start taking a look deeper into … Continue reading From Wattpad to Goodreads

The Goodreads Challenge…….jip?

Let's start by saying, I love Goodreads. I've been using it for years but I feel, especially when I don't make it to my yearly reading challenge goal, that I have been jipped! I think back through the year of everything I've read and if I kept track, I've surely read more stories than just … Continue reading The Goodreads Challenge…….jip?

New book on deck!

When I picked up The Invention of Hugo Cabret I knew it would be a beautiful book! Orphan, clock keeper, and thief, Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. But when his world suddenly interlocks with an eccentric, bookish girl and a bitter … Continue reading New book on deck!