It didn’t bite!

I finished This Totally Bites (Poison Apple #2) by Ruth Ames and it didn't SUCK! (Vampire pun intended). In fact, I really enjoyed it much more than the zombie book I read prior. Twelve-year-old Emma-Rose Paley has always felt different from her bubbly, outgoing parents. Unlike them, Emma-Rose has pale skin and jet-black hair, is … Continue reading It didn’t bite!


This Totally Bites

In an attempt to read another quick book in-between my large and in charge Greg Iles book, I've decided to pick up another Scholastic book. This one is from the Poison Apple Book series, ages 8-12 as well but this book wraps itself around Vampires instead of Zombies. This Totally Bites by Ruth Ames. Twelve-year-old … Continue reading This Totally Bites

What to Expect

So, with my recent baby news announcement I can now update on a book I've been reading that's considered the "baby bible." Everyone; including friends, family and my dr recommended I read What to Expect When You're Expecting. There are so many different versions of this book and although mine says "second edition," there is … Continue reading What to Expect

Hitch-hike me far away from here

I feel awful. Terrible. Disappointed and misinformed. I’ve had The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams on my “to read” list for years. Surprisingly my best friend bought it for me for Christmas and I was ecstatic to start it but unbeknownst to me; I would actually dislike it. I won’t say “hate” … Continue reading Hitch-hike me far away from here