Sweet Revenge

She rolls it across the desk. Back and forth in-between her wrinkled hands. Detention, the only class Mrs. Smith seems to teach and the only class I seem to be taking. I hate her. I imagine taking a great sword, cutting her down like a prince would an evil dragon. But violence never solved anything … Continue reading Sweet Revenge


Dead Set on Dancing (Complete Story)

It’s cold and it smells. Now, I’m fully aware the smelly part is probably me, but it’s not what you think. I didn’t want this. No way! I just didn’t think she had the balls to do it, you know? You see it all the time in movies. Two people fighting, dueling it out with words, until … Continue reading Dead Set on Dancing (Complete Story)

Writing Prompt #24

She looked down at the cell phone in her hand and sighed. Her battery was at 10% and there was no telling how much longer they’d be waiting to get rescued. Bored, tired and hot; Jasmine Witt decided it was about time to make herself comfortable despite the awkward that was being stuck in an … Continue reading Writing Prompt #24

Dead Set on Dancing (Five)

I was the only one awake. Henry the Eighth was snoring, rather loudly, The Twins had tired themselves hours earlier with Knock-Knock jokes, and Grace had been trying to stay up, but passed out just hours into our game of twenty questions. How could anyone tell me about a late-night secret admirer when no one … Continue reading Dead Set on Dancing (Five)

Dead Set on Dancing (Four)

When I woke up the next day, to my surprise Henry the Eighth was singing. I was glad he was in good spirits. After the prom conversation, I was terrified he wouldn’t speak to me again at all, but singing at least would make me feel comforted. I stretched again, hitting the side of my … Continue reading Dead Set on Dancing (Four)